Top 10 Awards

On this page there will be a description of the jury's Top 10 pages, and links to them.

Nr. 1 Topsites An excelent overview over christian stuff on the web, put on the web in a easy, well designed and programmed way.
Nr. 2 Shinning Star An online Christian Community, with everything you can ask for in prayer request, single service and much more.
Nr. 3 Varde Brothers An excelent example of what 2 young computer minded freinds can get out of the net, very entertaining and informative, unfortunetly not all in english.
Nr. 4 Peggies Place A great personal christian page, with some kind of a virtuel home, with many interesting room. The page uses the good old "Let's have a link party around the page" concept, witch is fun.
Nr. 5 Name Description
Nr. 6 Name Description
Nr. 7 Name Description
Nr. 8 Name Description
Nr. 9 Name Description
Nr. 10 Name Description